Types of Insurance Available.

  1. Level term assurance (LTA)

This is the most common type of life insurance bought in the UK and is typically used for family and/or mortgage protection. A term and an amount of cover are chosen, which stay the same until a claim is made or the policy ends.

  1. Decreasing term assurance (DTA)

A DTA plan reduces at a fixed amount – say 5% – each year, in line with a repayment mortgage.

  1. Family income benefit (FIB)

Perhaps the most underrated of all protection products, this plan pays a tax-free monthly income instead of a lump sum.

  1. Whole of life (WOL)

As the name suggests, these plans run for the whole of someone’s life and pay out no matter when they die..

  1. Relevant life / Keyman / Shareholder Insurance

Relevant life policies are stand-alone ‘single life’ plans that are potentially suitable for any employee. In short, they are an alternative way for employers to provide death-in-service benefits to an employee outside of a group life scheme, Keyman and shareholder insurance protect the lives of important members of staff or shareholders who want to have protection should they die whilst working within the business.

  1. Death in service (Group Risk)

Death in service pays out a lump sum to the deceased employees estate / family, should the employee die during employment.

           8.  Income Protection Insurance

An income protection insurance is to help replace any loss of earnings due to ill health or accidental injury.

           9.  Private Medical Insurance

Health insurancealso known as private medical insurance helps you cover the cost of private healthcare. Ie to see a private consultant in a private hospital – It eliminates the need to be placed on lengthy waiting lists on the NHS.


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